Welcome to the Seventh-Day Adventist International Church Copenhagen

Svanevej 10, 2400 Copenhagen NV


Come and join us for:

  • Community 
  • Bible Study and discussion
  • Worship
  • Pathfinder club
  • Adventist youth club

The Seventh-day Adventist Church wants to worship God as the Creator and so we keep holy the day which was created for worship and rest, the 7th day - Sabbath.

Every Saturday:

09:45-11:00 Sabbath School 

11:15-12:30 Divine Service

14:30-16:30 Youth Program


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  • 18 Aug
    Divine service

    Speaker: Arr. lokalt

  • 25 Aug
    Divine service

    Speaker: Jean Melo

  • 1 Sep
    Divine service

    Speaker: Jean Melo

  • 8 Sep
    Divine service

    Speaker: Regionsdag i Nærum

  • 15 Sep
    Divine service

    Speaker: Rose Frederiksen